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Social Security Benefits

A Special One-Time (Lump Sum Death) Payment

In addition to the monthly benefits for surviving spouse and minor children, a one-time payment of $255.00 may be paid to a spouse who was living with the worker at the time of death. If there is none, it can be paid to a spouse (not living with the decedent) who is eligible for benefits or to minor children eligible for benefits (under the age of 18 or disabled and under 22).

Survivor’s Benefits

The surviving spouse may apply for Social Security After-Death Benefits by telephone or mail or, better, by going to any Social Security office. You may need certain documents, e.g. your Birth Certificate and Marriage first to save time.

It is important for you, the spouse or the guardian of children, to visit the Social Security Office personally...because of confidentiality restrictions, the Social Security Staff can’t discuss your case with someone other than you...someone else may accompany you, but you must be present.

You should try to submit original documents or copies certified by the issuing office, rather than photocopies. If you take them to the Social Security office, Social Security will make photocopies and return the original or certified documents to you.

If the decedent was receiving Social Security benefits, most checks which arrive after the death will need to be returned to the Social Security office. If Social Security checks were being directly deposited into a bank account, the bank needs to be notified of the death so they can block future payments. If the decedent died during the previous month, the new payment must be returned...if the decedent died during the current month, the estate is normally entitled to keep this month’s payment (even though the check may need to be returned and reissued to the estate of the decedent). If a payment comes next month, it will have to be returned.

Other recipients of survivor’s benefits may include: divorced spouses, children 18 to 19 if in school, disabled children to age 22 and sometimes parents of the decedent. For more info, call SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS at 1-800-772-1213 weekdays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The local Social Security office is at 3310 Route 66, Neptune, NJ 07753.

The Ocean Grove Memorial Home will file electronic notification of death with the Social Security Administration.